March 04, 2010

How to cope with the heartburn

These disorders most often we experience. This is called heartburn. In fact, the medical term is a misnomer, because the heat in attacking the esophagus (throat) section below. Which then causes pain. Gastric acid does not attack the stomach because the stomach has a kind of membrane to protect it, but the esophagus (throat) did not have it. That's why you feel the pain.
The most common triggers are:
• eat meat too much.
• eating too fast.
• brown, red onion and garlic or peppermint.
• smoking after a meal.
• Coffee
• alcoholic beverages.
• hiatal hernia, prostrusi upper abdomen through the diaphragm, a condition experienced by one out of every person aged over 60 years.

The treatment requires avoiding trigger factors as much as possible plus the following:
1. Sit and stand up straight or take a walk at any time if possible. Bend the body or lying will facilitate secretion gastik move upward toward the esophagus.
2. If heartburn bothers you when you sleep, add a pillow so her head held higher.
3. Keep your weight.
Those who are too fat or body in women who are pregnant, upper abdomen upward through the diaphragm.
4. Reduce consumption of meat.
5. Do not eat approximately 2 to 3 hours before bed.
6. Drink a glass of milk, how it might help better. Milk acts as a protective substance, but the milk is not as effective as effective antacid.

Counteract the rainy season disease

Several days of rain started falling. Not only is the danger of flooding when the rainy season arrives, but also a variety of diseases that accompany it.
Here I have to say a few tips to avoid the rainy season congenital illness:

Prevent Flu :
• Wash hands. Some flu viruses spread by direct contact, so try to wash hands frequently with soap and if possible with warm water.

• Do not touch the face. Flu virus usually enters the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. So try not to be too often touching the face.

• Consumption of foods containing phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural chemicals found in plants that provide vitamins in foods. This type of substance found in fresh fruits and green vegetables, red and dark yellow. So try to reproduce this type of food consumption.

• Drink plenty of water. Water serves up toxins in the body. Adults need eight glasses a day. Try to drink plenty of water to remove the toxins in the body.

March 03, 2010

How to prevent baldness and gray hair

Not just women who make the hair as a crown. The men also began to worry as baldness and gray hair started to attack. Do not worry about it because it can still be prevented by maintaining an intensive hair and right from the early to slow down the emergence and collapse of gray hair abnormal.

1. Maintaining the level of natural oils contained in the scalp.
Excessive levels of oil would only hinder the oil channels to the follicle. But if the oil level is too little will cause the scalp becomes dry. So choose the appropriate type of shampoo to your scalp type.

2. Trying scalp massage therapies such as hair spa or creambath as another alternative for healthier hair.
Traditional therapy with natural ingredients, like aloe vera, rice straw, and ginseng are also essential in preventing loss and the incidence of early gray.

3. Nutritious diet is also important to ensure the fulfillment of the right nutrients for healthy hair.
Some of the important nutrients for healthy hair is protein, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, and inositol.
Various vitamins can also help maintain the fertility of the hair. Like vitamin A which can help maintain scalp health, Vitamin B Complex to launch oil production in order to maintain healthy hair and moisture, and supposedly capable of inhibiting the growth of gray hairs.

4. Expand minimum water consumption of 2 liters per day to help delay hair damage.

March 02, 2010

Dating Tips for Men

There are a number of changes in the society we live, some good, others not so much. Among the well-to-date on certain stereotypes when it comes to the relationship of women to men. This is largely not only the struggle led by the previous generation, but also the current economic situation we're taking.

Decades ago, certain truths have a sharp elbow in the various relationships. What's that? That meet the needs, let alone develop, it would be necessary for both parties in order to get a paycheck. Fundamental reality filtered into almost every aspect of an inclusive society.

But customs and traditions die hard. In some social circles, people still the breadwinner, and also to God, which is expected at the time of their meaning regardless of the tab to pay for expensive items like that to get to. This does not help, the things that there are some women who go there right next to these myths. He has a mother, grandmother, other relatives and tell all their friends that the only proper that the people who fork over the money. Anything else is unacceptable.

But if a woman is thrown out to check that offer to pick up stereotypes or at least make them half the time, rejected the proposal. Even if a man standing near the empty finances, he preferred to wash dishes in a restaurant kitchen as a woman to pay the bills.

For some men, if the unthinkable happens, it will be a blow of their ego, or a test of their masculinity. This can have profound effects not only the remaining dates, but the future of the relationship.

Real or imaginary trial by fire is to get additional doses of kerosene other than the so-called recession. Writes in his article for The Boston Globe, the right titled "Can not Buy Me Love," Meredith Goldstein: "Some singles have met out of the race for the love in this recession."

For some men who are still running on the old idea that if a woman is that they always pay for dates.

Being old is all well and good for some things, but when it came out, there are a series of rules changes.

If women do in your life a little better than you are, economically, than grateful. That does not mean, all you have extraordinary homeless and you get the cash to run hit at every opportunity. This also does not mean that lifting the tab and start praising them to make subtle or obvious dig at you about your current situation. No one should be around to hook up with it.

That means that to accept it when he feels good about you and the direction of the relationship, which should be encouraged without the ego feels obliged to offer their money refunded.

The problem is not with a crutch. If someone down is to help others, wherever possible. That is what should be a healthy relationship, a meeting of equals, which shares good times and ungood.

So stop thinking about how their generosity makes you look. Instead, concentrate on other aspects of the date. If you both laugh, relax and feel good than about others who do not or do not pay the tab, no more than a little technical.

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